The addition of the Nursery and Stone Supply business in 2005 is an important addition to the Company as a whole.  Having its own wholesale yard ensures that materials required for any installation are purchased, cared for and available when they are required.  The Nursery also eliminates the need to utilize plant brokers and re-wholesale markets, thus cutting costs and offering those savings to their clients. The Nursery also serves as a staging area for materials that are ready to be shipped to any job location in the tri-state area utilizing our own fleet of delivery vehicles.

Residing on a total of 18.6 acres, with 12 acres currently in use, the Nursery will initially be open only to members of the landscape trade and provide D’Agostino with readily available plant material.  In the Spring of 2007, coinciding with the opening of the Spring Planting Season, the addition of a Retail Garden Center opened to the General Public as well as members of the trade.

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