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The key element in the installation or maintenance of an irrigation system is the use of products that are reliable and well built.  Just as we stand by our service to you, we stand by our products with the same confidence.  While designing and installing your new sprinkler system, we use only the top line manufacturers in the industry.  We invite you to visit the websites of our suppliers by clicking on the logos of the manufacturers listed below

1. Controller
This is the heart of the irrigation system, essential to applying water in the necessary quantity and at the right time to your lawn. The Hunter controller family has user friendly features and water-saving options that make them a good choice for most of the sprinkler systems. We will select the best controller for your needs and we will program it with your customized watering schedule.

2. Spray sprinklers and sprinkler nozzles
The Mist Head sprays water in a fixed pattern over the whole area to be watered. They have changeable nozzles of various radiuses. If you have a larger garden or a grass lawn, you'll definitely need a good quality spray nozzle or sprinkler. We carry the full line of Hunter, TORO and RainBird heads to offer you the brand that best fits the needs of your landscape.

3. Rotary sprinklers
Unlike Mist Heads, rotary sprinklers water the lawn from the tips of few spray arms that spin. They come in a variety of types and sizes, designed for watering small areas as well as for medium-sized areas. The Hunter line of rotary sprinkler has a solid reputation for its quality, reliability and innovative features.

4. Valves
Any  irrigation system is not complete without valves. We offer you different types of valves, designed specifically for different needs: ASV anti-siphon/electric valve which eliminates the need to install a separate backflow preventer, SRV and PGV available as either low control or non-flow control versions for small or large landscape applications.

5. Sensors
Sensors are a must for any irrigation system; your system would not be complete without them. The sensor’s role is to automatically shut off the sprinkler system. For example the rain sensor will shut off your system during the rain.

6. The Drip Line
The Drip-Line Irrigation System is also available for installation.  Drip lines are perfortated tubes that deliver a specific amount of water to a precise location.  These are perfect systems for areas where Rotary Heads and Mist Heads can not provide the exact coverage you need.

Request a quote or contact us for more details regarding the many types of Sprinklers that can be installed on your project.

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